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Northeastern Ballet Theatre (NBT) Youth Ballet Company for the 23-24 season

Northeastern Ballet Theatre (NBT) is pleased to announce the selection of dancers for the Youth Ballet Company for the 23-24 season.

The Youth Ballet Company is a special training program for young dancers ages 10-18. Under the artistic direction of Edra Toth, the Youth Ballet Company provides an opportunity for dancers to perform in professional ballets and local events while continuing to train and develop their technique.

The following dancers have been selected for the 23-24 season:

  • Alexavier Richardson

  • Amara Endrizzi

  • Chloe Dye

  • Elsie MacKenzie

  • Hadassa Downs

  • Hannah Pierog

  • Hannah Flader

  • Hap Krautmann

  • Jubilee Tower

  • Julia Zhu

  • Lily Morris

  • Micah Werner

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