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Northeastern Ballet Theatre
Where Ballet Dreams Take Flight!

Nestled in the heart of New Hampshire, USA, Northeastern Ballet Theatre (NBT) is a distinguished professional ballet company with a rich legacy of world-class performances and training since its establishment in 1996. Led by the visionary founder, Edra Toth, a former prima ballerina for Boston Ballet Company, NBT is dedicated to preserving the essence of classical ballet and nurturing artistic excellence among its students.

Why Choose Northeastern Ballet Theatre?

🩰 Artistic Excellence: At NBT, we breathe life into the classical ballet tradition, fostering an atmosphere of artistic brilliance that empowers our students to reach their fullest potential.

🩰 Inspiring Performances: For over two decades, NBT has mesmerized audiences with enchanting ballet productions, including 2-3 full-length performances annually, featuring timeless classics such as "The Nutcracker," "Sleeping Beauty," "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "Beauty & The Beast," "The Wizard," and "Dracula."

🩰 Training for All Ages: We believe that ballet is for everyone. NBT offers classes for both children and adults, ensuring that the beauty of this timeless art form can be appreciated and enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

🩰 Professional Opportunities: NBT provides exciting professional performance opportunities, allowing our talented dancers to showcase their skills and grace on the grand stage.

Ignite Your Passion for Ballet:

At NBT, we embrace a mission to share the allure of classical ballet with the world, fostering a deep appreciation for this exquisite art form. Our commitment to excellence and artistic growth is evident in every performance and class we offer.

Experience the Magic of NBT:

Join us at Northeastern Ballet Theatre and embark on a journey of grace, beauty, and artistry. Discover the transformative power of ballet under the guidance of seasoned instructors and professionals who have walked the very path they now guide you through.


NBT is a 501C Non-Profit Organization:

We take pride in being a fiscally sponsored 501C non-profit organization, allowing us to continue our mission to enrich lives through the captivating beauty of classical ballet.

Contact Us:

To explore our programs, inquire about performances, or learn more about NBT, please  reach out to us directly:

📞 Call:603-834-8834🌐

Let your ballet dreams take flight with Northeastern Ballet Theatre. Enroll today, and together, we'll create magic on and off the stage! 🌟🩰


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