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Ballet Dance Class

Your  Destination for Ballet Education and Training

Welcome to Northeastern Ballet Theatre (NBT), where ballet is more than just a passion—it's our sole focus. Northeastern Ballet Theatre is the artistic vision and passion of its founder Edra Toth, former prima ballerina for Boston Ballet Company, who has built a life teaching children and adults the joy of dance. At NBT, we are committed to providing unparalleled ballet education and training, enabling our students to become proficient ballet dancers with the potential to explore other dance modalities. Find out why NBT is the ultimate destination for aspiring dancers seeking the highest level of excellence.

Ballet Expertise: The Foundation of All Dance Forms

At NBT, we firmly believe that ballet forms the foundation of all dance styles. Our exclusive dedication to ballet ensures that our students receive the most comprehensive and meticulous training available. With a solid ballet background, our dancers can easily transition into other dance forms, making them versatile and adaptable performers.

Emphasis on Professionalism and Discipline

Professionalism is at the core of NBT's philosophy. We instill discipline and protocols within our students, mirroring the standards of professional ballet studios. Our students are equipped to take classes at major ballet schools, including esteemed institutions like Boston Ballet and New York City Ballet, and understand the universally required combinations and ballet etiquette. Correct ballet techniques are essential to prevent lifelong injuries, and NBT ensures that our students learn and execute movements correctly under expert guidance.


The Value of Performance Experience

At NBT, we recognize the importance of performance experience in a ballet student's education. Our exceptional reputation extends not only to instruction but also to our professional productions. Throughout the year, we present several major productions, including the iconic "The Nutcracker," featuring the original Boston Ballet version in which Miss Toth danced as the Sugar Plum Fairy. Our performances offer students the opportunity to work alongside advanced dancers, including professionals, enriching their skills and confidence on stage.

A Journey from Aspiration to Achievement

"NBT grows our own," aptly summarizing our commitment to nurturing talent from a young age to the professional ranks. Starting as young as three years old, we guide our students on their ballet journey, enabling them to excel at prestigious ballet institutions such as Boston Ballet, The Rock School in Philadelphia, and American Ballet Theatre's summer program in New York. Our training equips students with the crucial foundations, including French vocabulary and technical proficiency, required to excel in ballet auditions for Broadway musicals and beyond.

Northeastern Ballet Theatre is a beacon of excellence in ballet education and training. Our unwavering dedication to ballet as an art form, combined with our emphasis on professionalism, exceptional performance experiences, and track record of nurturing talent, makes NBT the ultimate destination for aspiring ballet dancers. Join us at NBT, where dreams take flight and ballet becomes a lifelong passion.

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