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Northeastern Ballet


Ballet is our business, our only business. Northeastern Ballet Theatre and its training school teach ballet and only ballet because ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. A proficient ballet dancer or student of ballet can cross over to other modalities of dance more easily than a student trained in other forms of dance (i.e., modern, tap, jazz, etc.) can transition into ballet. Ballet is an art form, not a sport, because while ballet trains the body and the mind to work in unison and harmony and is very physically demanding, there is also an artistic component to it. The spirit of the dancer can shine through once the technique has been mastered and thus can achieve a level of freedom that is incomparable.

Professionalism is the cornerstone and foundation of NBT. Students are taught the discipline and protocols of a ballet studio. Any one of Northeastern Ballet Theatre's students can take classes at any major professional ballet school (i.e., Boston Ballet, New York City Ballet, etc.) and understand the combinations and ballet etiquette that is universally required. At NBT, both the serious as well as the recreational student receives the same level of professional instruction. There is a prescribed way to execute movement, and if not taught correctly, can lead to life long debilitating injury to the joints, spine, and soft tissues. NBT teaches ballet technique correctly.

Performing is a valuable part of a ballet student’s education. Not only is Northeastern Ballet Theatre unsurpassed in setting the standard of excellence in ballet instruction and training, but of the performance experience as well. We offer several major productions a year, including The Nutcracker. NBT's The Nutcracker is the original Boston Ballet version in which Miss Toth danced as the Sugar Plum Fairy, and as such, it is unique and stands alone. All of our productions are professional productions and the youngest dancers get to experience working with the older, advanced dancers, including professionals. The productions are not mandatory, so parents can pick and choose in which productions to have their child participate. NBT has a full wardrobe department and all costumes are owned by Northeastern Ballet Theatre, so parents do not need to invest money in costumes that their child will never wear again

NBT "grows our own." We can take a three year old, and if that child wants it, we can take them right up through to the professional ranks. We have trained students to go on to such prestigious ballet institutions as The Rock School in Philadelphia, American Ballet Theatre's summer program in New York, the Ellison School in New York, etc. Auditions for Broadway musicals historically hire proficient ballet dancers. The audition consists of a ballet class and the auditioning dancer has to know the French vocabulary, French names of the steps, and be able to execute ballet double pirouettes both right and left. Training at NBT will provide students with these important foundations.


Northeastern Ballet Theatre is the artistic vision and passion of its founder Edra Toth, former prima ballerina for Boston Ballet Company, who has built a life teaching children and adults the joy of dance. At NBT, we teach the art and discipline of ballet. Our classes and performance opportunities are an investment in professional training and education unique to New Hampshire, providing the highest standard of excellence in the area. We are not a recital-driven school and do not do competitions. Students are given the opportunity to perform in professional NBT ballet productions throughout the year, which are optional, including an annual production of The Nutcracker and several other performances throughout the year (past productions include Swan Lake, Sleeping BeautyThe Legend of Sleepy HollowBeauty & The BeastThe Wizard, and Dracula).


All dancers receive the same level of expertise from instructors, whether seriously pursuing dance or simply for recreation. As a dancer, you will grow in knowledge, strength, ability, and love for ballet through the transformative classes and opportunities you will receive. The results are breathtaking. Classical ballet classes are offered at NBT for all ages, 3 through adult, and all abilities, beginner through professional. NBT also offers an 8 week summer intensive for all levels of dancers.

Miss Toth believes that there is an “inner dancer” within each of us waiting to be discovered and that ballet is not only about using your body, but your mind and soul. NBT offers partial and full scholarships to those in need – Miss Toth remembers those who helped her find her life through dance and vows to give that experience to as many others as possible.

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