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Class Schedule & Information


Registration. All students must pay an annual, one-time registration fee of $45 due at the time of registration. New students may register at any time during the year. New students and dancers with recent experience elsewhere are encouraged to schedule a free placement class. This offers the student a chance to see our facilities and allows the instructor to make an accurate recommendation for future class placement. Please contact us about discussing proper class placement. Continuing students will receive an automatic class placement.


Everyone must be registered before the 1st day of class to participate and account balances must be $0.00, or up to date with payment plans, when enrolling in the next trimester/school year. If you were previously enrolled in auto-pay/a payment plan, please check to make sure your payment information is up-to-date and let the office know you’d like to schedule a plan again.

Payment Options & Deadlines

In Full-September 6, 2022

Trimester Payments
Fall: September 6, 2022
Winter: November 28, 2022
Spring: March 6, 2023

Monthly Payments, September - May

Payments will be scheduled for the 1st of the month by default. If you’d prefer another day of the month, please let the office know.

Cost is calculated by class, not total dancing hours. The tuition fees are calculated on a Full Year Sept-May basis and divided into equal monthly payments. NBT scheduled holidays for the 2022-2023 school year are factored into the monthly tuition. If you are unable to make a class, the makeup classes should be taken within 30 days. There is no refund for missed classes.

There is a 10% tuition discount for more than one child in a family.

For non-enrolled drop-ins:

1 hr: $22.00/class

1.5 hrs: $28.00/class

2 hrs: $35.00/class

Class placement.

1. Class placement is made at the Director's discretion.
2. Most students work at the same level for one or more years. 
3. Entire classes do not advance to the next level as a unit. Students with poor attendance may not progress at the same rate as students who attend consistently or who are enrolled in additional classes.
4. Students or parents may request re-evaluations at any time during the year. 
5. Students dropping out of class during the school year will not receive an automatic class placement recommendation for advancement to the next level for the following year. 
6. Students who do not complete semesters due to excessive absences, tardiness, illness, or injuries will require additional remedial classes for advancement to the next level for the next year.

NBT recommends the following minimum dance requirements:


Ballet 2: 2 hours per week
Ballet 3: 4.5 hours per Week
Ballet 3A: 6 hours per Week
Ballet 4, 5, 6: 6+ hours per week


Note: Ballet 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Pre-Professional Division tuition rates are for the full school year September - May. Ballet Beginnings and Ballet 1 run in 11-week sessions throughout the year (Fall, Winter, Spring). Tuition is calculated by trimester.


Important school notifications, including cancellations, will be sent via email using the address on file in DanceStudio-Pro. Cancellations will also be posted on social media and on our website. In certain cases, snow days will be rescheduled by NORTHEASTERN BALLET SCHOOL.

DanceStudio-Pro charges a 2.5% + .05 processing fee for card payments and a 1% + .05 processing fee for ACH (bank transfer) payments. Alternatively, you may pay by check to avoid this fee. Checks are preferred to help us avoid additional card processing fees on our end.

To enroll in a payment plan, please "Enroll in Auto-Pay" in your Parent Portal and let the office know what payment schedule you would like (trimester or monthly). Your bill will be split evenly over 9 payments each trimester and your card will be charged on the 1st of the month.

Thank you for dancing with us! We look forward to seeing you in the studio! If you have any questions, please email us. We would be happy to help!

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