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Sleeping Beauty- Backstage with the Director

Welcome to Northeastern Ballet Theatre’s 2023 production of Sleeping Beauty! The tale of Sleeping Beauty has a truly fascinating history with influences from ancient Egypt, Icelandic lore, medieval France, and Italian fable. As we know it today, the narrative was penned by French author Charles Perrault, who wanted to write a simple and enchanting story for his young children. “The Sleeping Beauty” was published in 1697 as part of Perrault’s collection of fairy stories, “Tales of Mother Goose,” which also included other classics such as “Cinderella" and "Little Red Riding Hood.”

Set to Tchaikovsky’s 1889 awe-inspiring score, this sensational ballet came into my life in 1972 when I was asked to dance the role of “Princess Aurora" at the Lisboa Opera House in Lisbon, Portugal, with my dance partner from the Boston Ballet, Woytec Lowski. I cherished dancing that role and instantly fell in love with the entire ballet. One of the outstanding aspects of this production is that it offers so many opportunities for up-and-coming younger dancers - bewitching fairies, lavish garland dancers, and elegant bluebirds!

Overflowing with majesty and splendor, this classic tale of good versus evil plays out with the enchantments of exquisite fairies versus the evil Carabosse and her minions. Add in a sleeping curse of 100 years, a charming and steadfast prince, and a magical true love's kiss - Sleeping Beauty is certainly a ballet for audiences of all ages.

If you or the dance lovers in your life are inspired by today’s performance, consider taking a free trial class with us at Northeastern Ballet Theatre. We have classes for all ages. Please check out our website at No child is ever turned away due to an inability to pay. Last year NBT awarded $30,000 in dance scholarships. To keep your community dancing, please consider making a donation to our Scholarship Fund. Thank you for your support by being here today! Now sit back and allow us to transport you back to a time when fairies roamed the land, bringing magic and leading the way for love to triumph over all.

Northeastern Ballet Theatre is proud to present to you…..Sleeping Beauty!


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